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10 Top Tips For Dealing With Frustration

Did you know that anger can be an indicator of bereavement and grief? That is, you are experiencing some sort of loss. That could be loss of someone close to you, as in death or divorce, or even the loss involved when moving home or a job change or redundancy.

Just acknowledging this can be a start in managing anger.

Here  are some of my favourite tips to help reduce or manage feelings of frustration and annoyance:

1.  Write, on a sheet of paper, “I’m angry because…” and write a list of 50 things that come to mind. The exercise in itself will be enlightening and then see if there is anything you can actually do to change the irritating factor. If you can’t, then you might just have to do a bit of growing up and work on accepting what you can’t change.

2. Write a letter (by hand) to the person you feel angry with (even if they are no longer alive) and tear it up into lots of pieces when you have finished.

3. Sing or whistle – it helps you to breathe out; at the end of the sound you have to take a deep breath in again.

4. Repeat, silently, “I am calm and relaxed I am at ease” (even if you’re not feeling it!)

5. Lie on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, and bang the feet up and down tapping them from side to side.

6. Look up EFT on YouTube and Google it: there is a ton of free information that will help you learn how to do this amazing technique.

7. If you’re stuck in traffic, take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out make a loud HAAAAA sound.

8. Tell yourself that this feeling will pass.

9. Find a quiet room and take time out to listen to a relaxation or stress management recording. (We have one in our shop if you need one

10. Think about what might be causing your anger. Try this simple thought exercise to get to the bottom of your feelings: How to lose your baggage and lighten up.