How do I download my product?

Once you’ve placed an order for one or more of the downloads in the shop, it will be followed by an email confirmation that contains a link to start the download process.

If you have not received this email, please check your spam folders.

All of the downloads work on Apple, Android devices as well as all PC and other phone / tablet platforms.

The operating system (Windows or iOS) will not affect your downloads since these are undertaken by the web browser (Chrome / Safari / Firefox etc) and the ZIP format is universal.

Where is my file once I have downloaded?

If you are having any problem finding your file once you have completed downloading please check the “Downloads” folder or the location you have specified in your browser to download to.

Check your browser settings and see where your Download folder is set to (for example, in Safari this is Preferences/General/Save Downloaded Files to…).

You can also search using “Spotlight” on Mac for the file name.


Search in your Start menu on PC / Windows computers for the file name.

Devices (i.e iPhone / iPad / Smartphones / Tablets)

It is easy to download onto laptop or desktop computers. If you do not have this option the only way you can download an MP3 onto your phone is to use an app such as Dropbox.

Unfortunately this is the only way to directly download any audio to a device without using a computer. From there you will see the file in the Dropbox App. There you will see a circle with 3 dots inside underneath the file. Press this and click “Make Available Offline” (this will save you using up your data). Now you are able to play this on your mobile through Dropbox without needing to be online.

For people without iTunes you should be able to play any mp3 file outside of iTunes if required using programmes such as Quicktime. 

Further Problems

If you have any problem obtaining your download please get in touch with us at we will endeavour to resolve the issue or if possible exchange it for a CD. If all else fails we will be happy to give a refund.