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Welcome To The Stresshacker

Hi and thanks for joining me

Do you want to move away from anxiety, worry and negative thoughts? Would you like  to feel calm and  confident with a sense of  positive wellbeing most of the time? Great! You're definitely in the right place!

When you work with me I will make your goals my goals and you will achieve them.

It's a habit of mine to  always achieve goals I set for myself. I've authored several books, released a Jazz album, written hundreds of blogs and hit the target for numerous fitness and personal goals.

I've overcome major obstacles in life from anxiety and depression to illness and loss. I'm  a strong, resilient, robust, determined Coach and use my expertise to help clients heal from the past, achieve their goals with rapid and transformational tools.

In the shop you will find audio's, courses and books for your personal development. Along with blogs brimming with tools and tips to help your mind and body to feel calm.

Have a look at the testimonials to see what others say.

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Online Yoga lessons and courses courtesy of Sue Smith of The Stresshacker


Online courses as well as retreats to help you.

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Helpful Articles

A few popular articles to help you begin your journey

Mindful Weight Loss

Are you ready to take the wait out of losing weight? Good, then this course is for you. In 6 weeks reap the benefits of losing weight easily and effortlessly. Discover the secrets to easy weight loss. Uncover and rectify your personal stumbling blocks. Get inspired and motivated.  Join here to get your program up and running now.

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How To Deal With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Discover ways to stay calm and keep anxiety at bay. If you suffer from General Anxiety Disorder or Panic Attacks you can take back control and start dealing with them now. You’ll find tips and tools for keeping the head trash at bay and shutting down the negative nagger in your mind. 

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Learn To Be More Confident

In less than a month you could be feeling super confident and ready to go for it… that new job, that change of lifestyle, or take the leap of faith necessary to change your life, in fact any goal you set your mind too. Here you’ll find ways to improve your self-esteem, grow your confidence and get on with living the life you’ve always wanted. 

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Healthier Relationships

Ever wondered why your relationships spiral into a ‘Ground Hog Day’ experience? Find out where your power and control is and how to create healthier and more loving, respectful relationships. Gain psychological insights into your behaviours and that of all your relationships.

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How To Deal With Depression

How do you deal with depression? Find out what others do to combat and manage this condition. Know that your not alone and even ask specific questions on the ‘Ask Sue’ page.

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Yoga Techniques & Lessons

Start your journey here with the healing art of yoga. Meditation tips, breath work and simple yoga poses to make life easier for you mentally, emotionally and physically.

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Meet Sue Smith

Hi I’m Sue,

I work as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist,  Life Coach and trainer, specialising in Stress Management. I’ve also taught hatha yoga for the past twenty-five years.

With over twenty-eight years of experience in helping people overcome addictions, combat stress, develop more self-confidence and discover their inner peace. I have a particular passion for emotional growth work, which includes anger management, anxiety and dumping the FAGS  that is, excessive Fear, Anger Guilt and Shame.

My site offers mind hacks,information and support programs to help you move toward a better sense of wellbeing. This includes addressing anxiety, panic attacks, depression, weight loss, work, performance issues, relationships and anything else that stresses you out!

In the shop here you’ll find free tips and downloads for coping with stress, sleep issues and a range of other problems that people commonly struggle with.  I have created and developed  a range of support audio downloads, including an online course for weight loss  to help you feel better in most areas of your life. Keep an eye on the shop, as I’m writing some really exciting courses and find the help you need in the Audio section

In addition to my professional experience, I have been on the other side of this and in the past suffered from anxiety, depression and IBS (only it wasn’t called that when I was younger!) I also had a series of illnesses that were directly related to stress including a collapsed lung three times! I have through my own journey recovered from all of these and am probably healthier now than I’ve ever been. I’m really happy to share the tools for change that made my life happier and healthier.


The Stresshacker Clients

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