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Hi I’m Sue

I believe you have a right to feel peaceful. With stress management I can help you to achieve that.

You deserve happiness and success and to live a meaningful life.

How can I help you? I have 28 years of experience in emotional healing and bundles of  skills to help you get back on track.

My expertise is anxiety and Stress Management 

Improve Your Wellbeing

Let me help you to deal with addictions, phobias,  manage stress and be more confident. I am passionate about helping people heal emotionally.  I’m talking about dealing with anger, anxiety and depression. I’ll show you how to dump the Fear, Anger Guilt &  Shame. You can change your mind and keep the change.


You’ll find offers, mind hacks, information and support programs.  They will help you deal with anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, work, performance, relationships and manage stress.

Shopping for health

Go to my shop get free tips and downloads for managing stress, sleep issues and other  problems.  Get the help you need with my range of audio downloads and my most popular online course for weight loss. Grab yours in the Audio section.

Most importantly I know what it’s like to suffer from anxiety, depression and IBS. My lung collapsed 3 times due to stress! Through my own journey I’ve healed and am healthier than I’ve ever been. I want to share ways to manage stress and lead a happy healthy life.

Associates Of The Stresshacker

Sarah Hanks

Sarah Hanks - Associate Of The Stresshacker - Sue SmithSarah Hanks is a great yoga teacher with a thoughtful innovative approach, grounded in traditional practice. A British Wheel of Yoga teacher of more than 10 years she specialises in pregnancy, post-natal family yoga, pelvic floor recovery.   Find out more at:

Jules Peck

Jules Peck - Associate Of The Stresshacker - Sue SmithJP Peoplesolutions founder Jules Peck and I provide bespoke quality training and development for Management and teams.

Between us we have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world. Among our clients are AT&T, Nestle, Churchill Insurance, and the British Foreign office.

Adrian Blake

Adrian Prueba - Associate Of The Stresshacker - Sue SmithAs one of the UK’s leading – and longest-serving – psychotherapists  Adrian co-authored with Sue the popular self-help book I Just Want To Be Happy. Working with individuals and couples in his practice in Norfolk, Adrian has been a guest speaker on  Meridian and Anglia TV.  A popular presenter of numerous self-development workshops, he was the first person to gain a British degree in Hypnotherapy in 1990.

Ruth Summers

Multi-qualified Health Arts Facilitator and Sound Energy Therapist, Ruth Summers works with The Stresshacker on retreats hosting sound baths and Qi Gong classes. Ruth is passionate about empowering people to improve their own sense of health and well-being by providing a complementary approach whilst working alongside conventional medicine. She is a tutor and course manager at The British Academy of Sound Therapy.


The information presented here is for your educational use only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

It is important that you seek the advice of your Doctor or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your health, diet, fitness regime or intended health programme.

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