Yoga means unity, through your practice you can find your ‘real’ authentic self and in this find some inner peace and freedom from the judgements, criticisms and demands of the ego self.

I offer a gentle Hatha yoga approach in both my online classes and audio products.

Interestingly Hatha means Sun and Moon, similar to Yin/Yang the equal and opposite energies that dwell within us. Hatha offers a balance between doing and being that allows us to feel centred, connected, energized yet calm.

You may expect  pranyama (breath work), asana’s (poses) meditation, relaxation and mindfulness. Coupled with Sue’s background in psychology, hypnotherapy and reiki her mind, body approach is enjoyed by many in class and in her popular audio programmes.

Who are the programmes suitable for?

Everyone! Unless the programme specifically says for yoga students only feel free to go ahead and use them. They are ideal if you’re recovering ill health or if you’re going through a particularly stressful time. They are stand alone of can be used as an entire practice if listened to back to back. They are short so you can squeeze in a little practice each day.

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Showing all 6 results