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The Power of the Pen – Why Getting Away from Your Computer Can Have Surprising Consequences

Ways to remember
Those of you that take my online courses will know that I’m a bit of a dinosaur, insisting that you write everything longhand in your journals.


Because you are far more likely to be able to remember and recall that information. It has been a long-held belief of mine from my own personal development work, that writing longhand embeds the learning more fully into the brain.

My thinking is, that the way you make sense of information is personal and specific to you, therefore your notes are written in such a way that is totally unique to your learning style.

As a result you are far more likely to remember them.

This is now borne out by a 2014 study from Mueller and Oppenheimer, where it would seem that participants in the study who made notes on their laptops transcribed verbatim what they heard, without processing the information to the same degree as their longhand counterparts.

Moreover, it is my belief that because the language of the subconscious mind is symbols and images, (more on this in a later article)  you are even more likely to recall information if you draw to help you remember.

I found myself able to remember and make far greater sense of my yoga studies when I drew images and bubbles to remind myself.

Have a look and see what you think.

Ways to remember 2nd image.1

If you are on a journey of self-development, buy yourself a journal. (If you happen to be local go to Breeze Yoga  in Beckenham where you will find a lovely collection of fairtrade journals).

Write all your affirmations, goals, inspirational quotes, and reflections there. The things that you want to remember most, try drawing or paste in pictures,  photo’s and images that are motivating and encouraging.

I think you will be surprised how your notes will stick in your mind and also how much more quickly you are likely to  draw your goals to you.

Have fun and enjoy!

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