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Give me some space!

Have you ever noticed that when we make space we tend to fill it quickly! Nature abhors a vacuum!

I’m not just talking about space in your home or in your wardrobe, more personal space, the space to just be, to just do nothing. How much time in a day do you allow yourself, to do absolutely nothing?

Have you noticed the trend to be constantly busy? ‘I’m exhausted, working flat out, have no time left, doing all the hours’. Particularly if you’re self-employed, your personal value and significance may be defined by working hard.

Finding myself in this space recently I decided to make a complete U turn. I forced myself to sit in the garden and eat strawberries and cream! Spent a fascinating 10 minutes tuning into the birds singing. Bliss!

In this respect my blog is short this week because I’m heading into the park again to ‘commune’ with nature.

Sit on a park bench and just be

My challenge to you is to resist the temptation to be sucked in by technology and social media this weekend. Spend more time with the most important person in the world YOU! Lay on your back and look up at the trees, or the stars. Lay on your front and gaze at the grass for ages or, like the author of The Power Of Now Eckharte Tolles, sit on a park bench and just be.

If you struggle to do nothing, please download your free relaxation or mediation program and enjoy!

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