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What’s Your Best Holiday Hack?

The Stresshacker's Seven Top Travel Tips.

I would like to have posted this earlier so my apologies to those of you who have already been away… better late than never!

  1. 8-03-4This is the best packing tip ever! It has made the whole packing/unpacking scenario so simple! Here’s the formula. Lay shoes and toiletries at the bottom of your case. Then lay flat, fold or roll T-shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts etc. Special outfits for weddings/ parties and general outfits, put on hangers with with any additional accessories, such as pachminas and jewellery. Then bind the hangers with an elastic band or hairband and put into a suit bag. Finally lay the suit bag on top. I promise you this will completely transform your packing experience!
  2. Carry a small note pad and pen everywhere on your holiday. Yes, yes, I know you have a note app on your phone. Trust me when I say it’s better to put pen to paper in this instance. When we’re relaxed, brilliant, innovative ideas surface. Make your notes by hand, you will notice a sense of rising excitement in your chest as you write down your creative ideas. Many a best selling novel has been written like this.IMG_1630
  1. No more greasy, faffing around. Post swim applications of sun protection factor become a thing of the past. P20 is a one application non-greasy excellent way to protect your skin in and out of the water.
  1. Bleached highlights and coloured hair is a hazard for water babes. Chlorine and salt water make hair dry and unmanageable. Use a conditioner with argon oil. Comb through post swim. It keeps hair soft, tangle free and protected from damage.
  1. Girls, it’s really is worth investing in a genuine pachmina for travelling. They are great if you’re feeling hot. I covered my head, neck and shoulders in St Mark’s Square, Venice and felt cool and protected from the burning sunshine. I then used the same pashmina to keep me warm on an air conditioned coach. Always pack a pair of socks handy if your feet get cold on a plane too.
  1. Citracidal, which is grapefruit seed extract. This has got to be the best tip of all. It has the most amazing applications from sterilising water to getting rid of varuka’s google it’s A – Z list of incredible treatments.
  1. Prevent cramps and stiffness on plane journeys and stop your energy from stagnating. Even if you have very little room, start with toes and fingers scrunch them and relax, scrunch and relax, imagine they are claws that you are extending and shortening. Now flex and point your toes and feet, then rotate them in both directions. Do the same kind of thing with your hands. If possible place 2 fingers behind your knees and bend and extend the legs one by one. Shrug shoulders up and down and circle them back and forwards. Gently nod your as if saying ‘yes’  simultaneously slowly look to left, back to centre and to the right and back to centre.

As usual I would love to have your feedback and your own great tips. What’s your best holiday hack?


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