The Stresshacker’s 7 Minutes of Zen (MP3 Download)

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7 minutes can make a difference.


If I drop a grain of salt into a glass of water today it isn’t salty water but if I add a grain of salt every day eventually it will be salt water. In exactly the same way, when you put on your earphones and listen once or twice a day to The Stresshacker’s Seven Minutes of Zen. I think you’ll be impressed at how quickly you learn to let go of anxiety, tension and stress and how quickly you learn to maintain a more relaxed, focussed concentration.

As the days the days go by and the mini periods of regular relaxation and rest accumulate, you’ll notice beneficial changes in your mind and body. The periods of quiet and relaxation stimulate the right side of the brain helping to bring a more constructive and creative approach to relationships, work and everyday living.

You’ll notice how these Zen moments give the body an opportunity to replenish essential levels of energy. As you develop the art of relaxation, this will boost the body’s circulation and regulate blood pressure.

Seven Minutes of Zen and other programs such as Stress Free with Confidence can help diminish problems such as IBS, Migraines and quieten the internal negative self-talk leaving you feeling more confident and self-assured.


How To Use

DON’T listen to this whilst driving or operating any machinery, that would be highly dangerous.

DO Find a time when you will not be disturbed and settle into a comfortable position. Bedtime is an ideal time. For best results use earphones and lay down. You can sit in a comfy chair but make sure your head is supported.

I want to stress that your mind WILL wander and that’s absolutely OK. It’s part of the hypnotic process. You do not have to be listening intently. In fact, if you drift off into what feels like a deep sleep that’s also good. It’s just your own way of relaxing.

About this Version

This program is in MP3 version and will play on most devices.


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If you have made this purchase from your phone or tablet please download your program to a computer, you should find your download in your Downloads folder, or in iTunes. Once you have found it you can then transfer it to any other device such as iPhone/ipad etc.

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    Feedback from LT: Your seven minutes of zen is fabulous! thank you <3

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