Breathe Easy – Stillness Now Program


Breathe Easy – Stillness Now is a training programme that with practice, will improve your breathing, leaving you feeling more relaxed, in control and altogether calmer.

Keep panic at bay and stay calm with this audio training program.
Improve your breathing  in order to feel more relaxed and in control
Fix poor breathing patterns (such as breath-holding)
Address anxiety, panic and physiological symptoms of stress

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Poor breathing patterns can result in symptoms such as anxiety, panic and physiological symptoms of stress and tension.

There are all kinds of reasons that people have poor breathing patterns – for example holding your breath without realising it. BREATHE EASY was created in response to the growing number of people suffering from conditions such as panic attacks and anxiety.

This is a training programme that will give you some control. With practice you will be able to alter your breathing leaving you feeling more relaxed, in control and altogether calmer.

About This Program

This training programme can be listened to sitting upright, or laying down.

Most people would derive great benefit from this program which will train you to breathe deeply and fully in increments. Once learned, this will allow you to feel more in control and comfortable in every situation.

Is it safe for everyone to listen to?

This program is useful for pretty much everyone however if you are an asthmatic you may find the focus on deep breathing a bit uncomfortable. If in doubt, I would urge you to err on the side of caution and please check with your GP first. This is for your best interests.

I would also ask that you do not listen to this program if you are under the age of 16.

DO NOT play whilst driving or operating machinery.

How To Use

DO Find a time when you will not be disturbed and settle into a comfortable position. You can sit upright on a hardback chair,  lay on your bed, the sofa, or even on the floor.

You can pause the program at any point, to become more familiar with that particular stage of the breathing exercise.

About this Version

This program is in MP3 version and will play on most devices, once downloaded to a computer.


Please note this has to be downloaded to your computer first, then if you’re using an iPhone / iPad / iPod, please import to iTunes and then sync to your device.

After you have been through checkout and paid, you will be able to download your files. Check in your Downloads folder and iTunes to find Breathe Easy.

If you have any problems please get in contact.


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