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And Now For Some Adult Easter Magic!

How did you get on with the exercise from last week’s post? Have you been dreaming your future and thinking about the life you would like to be living 5 years from now?

Last week I explained that the easiest and best part of the mind to program is the ‘adult’ part. I’ve described in the past that the subconscious mind believes whatever it’s told. One of its main jobs is to store information regardless of whether it’s true or false.

According to scientist Greg Braden the subconscious mind processes 44 billion bits of information per second! Isn’t that mind blowing! Because the subconscious mind has access to so much information it has it’s own language (to crunch down the data) which is symbols and images.

The reason I tell you this, is so that when you do the next exercise you’ll know that it really will work because you’ll be talking the language that your subconscious understands and it will get to work creating and manifesting your desires immediately.

The parent part in you will probably dismiss this as nonsense and unrealistic. The child part is likely to enjoy the play involved and the adult part will feel excited at the prospect of creating your own future.

So enough background, here’s what I want you to do this week to continue on from the dreaming stage of the last exercise.

Create an Image Boardfile00044108210

Get loads of magazines and begin to tear out pictures that represent your adult aspirations. Glue them onto a bit of cardboard and put it up somewhere where you will see it everyday. The inside of your wardrobe door is good if you end up with lots of different boards.

I know there’s Pinterest online, which is OK, but the physical act of engaging with this exercise is massively important. When you start leafing through magazines, cutting out, pasting and creating something that is so specific to your goal, you will notice a change in your physiology. You’re likely to be aware of a light-hearted, excited feeling in your chest. That’s because your ‘Adult’ and your subconscious know that it really is possible to create this future.

So if you chose health and fitness as your goal last week, your Image Board will have pictures of luscious healthy foods, exercise and pictures of healthy glowing skin for example.

If you chose finances last week (read the blog) cut out lots of images of symbols of wealth, e.g. money, or pictures of what you feel it may bring you. Get the idea?

Before I go I want to tell you about a workshop I run called Dare To Dream And Create The Life You Want To Lead.  It’s open now for registration but spaces are limited to only 8 per workshop.

Some years ago I noticed one of the participants in this workshop spending loads of time leafing through magazines but not tearing anything out (all the others were excitedly creating their boards) after a bit of gentle probing I discovered that a very stern, critical ‘parent part’ was nagging negatively at her telling her she didn’t deserve any of the nice things she was looking at! This related to the negative messages she’d received from her father growing up. Once we she identified this part as a bit of old programming she was able to morph out of that ‘state’ and move into a more rational, nurturing adult part, who incidentally, knew exactly what she wanted in her future. Her parent part had paralysed her child part, who didn’t dare to tear out pictures and hope for a brighter future.

I always think it’s fascinating how this parent adult child stuff constantly plays out in our minds. Leave your comments below.

I hope you enjoy the Easter holiday and have some fun creating your Image Boards andIMG_2831 thank you for reading and purchasing downloads from the shop.

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