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Why Your Integrity Matters to Your Self Confidence

Don't Be FlakyDon’t you just hate it when people let you down? When they’re flaky and don’t do what they say they will do? Don’t let that be your reputation!

Integrity is a key factor in helping you get the self-confidence you need to achieve what you want.

You may not be the best in your field (yet) or the most creative, but if people get to know that when you say you will do something or be somewhere, you honour it.  This enhances your reputation. It makes you feel good and the people you work with feel good, because they come to learn that they can trust you: you are dependable and reliable.

People like that, it’s reassuring.

Take for example an editor who has a choice of two journalists one writes brilliant pieces but pushes the boundaries for extended deadlines. The other turns out regular, good articles, is always punctual with work and the editor knows they rarely have to check over it. It makes their job easier to go with the journalist who they trust to do it right.

People who don’t come up with the goods make other people  feel insecure. Who wants to feel like that? Have you ever been stood up? Not a good feeling. Feelings of self-doubt, insecurity and uncertainty creep in. Why in the world would you want to make anyone feel like that?

If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT! Just imagine how good you’ll feel when you do!

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