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Is technology stressing you out?

We are connected to our gadgets and machines don’t believe me?

Then why is technology so addictive? Whilst there many other answers to that, I’m just going to focus on the energy that floats between us and our gadgets, the waves and atoms that resonate between technology and us.

Do you remember those driving lessons and the frustration of trying to get the tension right between your feet, the clutch and the brake? This invisible tension could also be referred to as entrainment, the unspoken connection that has birds swooping in unison or groups of women who live or work together, menstruating at the same time, as if by some unspoken agreement.


Nowadays we might connect to our friends and family on sites such as facebook. Many of our daily activities such as paying bills and applying for jobs can mean sitting at our computers for far longer than we anticipated or wanted. It’s little wonder then that we sometimes end up reduced to a snivelling wreck or feeling incredibly angry when we can’t get them to ‘play nicely’.

So how to we avoid meltdown?

Walk away. WALK AWAY. WALK AWAY! That’s right, get up now and remove yourself from the offender. Just for a moment break that unhealthy connection.

Years ago you might have had a stroll to the post box, or popped in for a cuppa with a family member or neighbour and been able to let off a bit of steam and felt better as a result.

So go and make a cup of tea, call a friend, take some time out.

Failing that, follow these exercises for discharging the frustration and you will definately change your state.

1. Stand up and ideally move to a different location. Breathe in and raise both arms out in front of you then up into the air and breathe out as you bring your arms down by your sides. Do this five times.

2. Next stand with your feet a bit wider than hip width apart feet slightly out to the sides, bend your knees, pull your navel in toward your spine by about 5%. Bring your hands together in front of you as if you were holding an axe or a chopper. Breathe in as you bring your arms up and as far behind your head as is comfortable and on the out breath make the sound HAAA as you swing your arms (with the imaginary axe) between your legs. Inhale as you bring your arms up and over again and repeat. Keep the knees bent the whole time.

Caution: Don’t do this if you suffer from slipped disc or low back problems.

3. Sit or stand and make the sound HA HA HA HA snapping your belly button back toward the spine at the end of the HA – so it’s a bit like a pretend laugh ha ha ha ha.

4. You can also brrrrr brrrrr with your lips like Dobin!

5. Round off with a simple mantra I am calm and relaxed I am in control repeated three times.

These simple exercises create a physiological shift in your body by changing the balance of the breath and makes space, temporarily taking your mind away from the source of your frustration.

I feel I must end with a positive nod to technology and say how overwhelmed and happy I was to have so many lovely Birthday wishes on facebook this week, I felt very loved. Thank you.

Enjoy and remember to let me now how you got on.


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