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Phobias be gone!

I live in what is effectively a valley. The houses are built on landfilled lakes and this means the area can be very damp (moss grows on my car window when I’m away for a couple of weeks!)

This also means that there are lots of spiders and they can be really BIG!

One night just before going to bed I was clearing up and picked up a couple of mugs with my left hand, as I swept my right hand up and under the lamp to imageswitch it off, the biggest spider I’ve ever seen plopped onto my left arm!!! So I’m now in the pitch dark with a huge spider crawling up my sleeve (well in my mind anyway!) I ran into the hall screaming blue murder, ripping off my dressing gown ( Murphy’s law it was the only time I’d bothered to tie up the little ribbon on the inside). I must have frightened the life out of it because it had completely disappeared.

5 minutes or so after, I was sitting on the side of my bed trying to calm down

yes my screaming had change to sobbing

and I observed that I was in some kind of semi trance-state, staring at my left arm. Without warning my mind played a very unpleasant trick on me. Suddenly the image of the spider superimposed itself on my bare arm three times! As if that wasn’t enough, it was loudly accompanied (in my head) by the music from the thriller film Psycho!

In a flash equally impressed and horrified at what the mind can do, I realised that this is probably how phobias anchor themselves and if I didn’t deal with this very quickly I was likely to end up with a spider phobia!

Thanks to my NLP training I was able to quickly apply the following technique. I rapidly re-rewound the image shrinking the spider smaller and smaller three times whilst simultaneously rewinding the music and reducing it’s volume. I simply reversed what I had seen and heard. It worked. (This is a simplified version of a standard NLP technique.)

I then went to bed and slept well and haven’t been bothered by spiders since. That was about eighteen years ago.

I’m always both impressed and saddened by the lengths  that some people go to accommodate and  live with a phobia.  In my personal  and professional experience you don’t have to, it simply isn’t natural. I believe phobias can be undone and the underlying problems (if there are any) resolved.

So if you have a phobia or fear that is restricting your life I urge you to deal with it. Listen to the Super Charge Your Confidence download available here at the Stresshacker shop and then find yourself a good NLP practitioner or hypnotherapist and free yourself from your fears.

Hope this helps someone.

Sue x

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