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Recently, whilst going for a walk, an annoying ditty replayed itself incessantly in the back of my mind. I was aiming to have a 20-minute peaceful walk ahead of my next client but my mind had other ideas!   I  coach people  to manage and banish anxiety, after 5 minutes of this driving me crazy, I knew I had  to shut it down.  I chose to streamline a bunch of affirmations.

I’ve used affirmations for years and have first-hand experience that they work!

 Along with hundreds of clients who ‘get it’ I have manifested many wonderful experiences and achieved a variety of goals over the years by using affirmations and hypnosis programmes , so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You can manage and banish anxiety by using them too.

The trouble is most people give up after a day or so. Why is that?

Because they fail to understand that the subconscious mind is easy to program.  But here’s the thing, you must be disciplined, you will need to train your mind in the same way that you would train muscles in your body. You must work at it daily or at the very least three to four times a week.

Repetition is the mother of all skills

Remember, remember, remember, the bigger part of the mind – the subconscious mind – believes whatever we tell it. Do you just want to repeat that to yourself several times?

We know that techniques such as Mindfulness teach us to observe the mind to identify unhelpful thoughts, thus offering us an opportunity to step back and decide whether to believe them. With sufficient practice we develop the choice as to what to do with such thoughts. We can simply observe “there’s a negative thought.” We can choose to laugh at the thought. We can tell the thoughts to shut-up and go away or we can even choose a different thought, so practice.

The fastest way to change how you think and feel is by using hypnotherapy programmes and I’m telling you that after 35 years working in this field, it is possible to reprogram your mind away from worries and anxieties toward a more positive optimistic view of life. I’ve spent most of my working life, researching and experimenting with ways to think and feel better and to help you create the life you want to live.

Now more than ever, so much seems to be beyond our control and this is the time we most need manage our minds more skillfully.

Don’t wait until you feel worse, do something now to create a healthier mindset, to feel more positive mentally and emotionally  robust. It’s your mind and your body, look after it, invest in it and  keep it fit, its the only one you get this time round! You Can Do It!

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