Working with Sue has been nothing short of life changing

Working with Sue has been nothing short of life changing – my outlook on life, my relationship with myself and my life circumstances have transformed during the time I have worked with her.

Sue is compassionate, warm, relatable and non-judgemental – she makes you feel at ease and is flexible in her approach and style during sessions, adapting to what you most need.

Prior to contacting Sue, I had been apprehensive about going back into therapy, having found previous therapy sessions, anxiety inducing and not providing me with permanent shifts I had hoped for – sessions with Sue are completely different traditional talking therapy, and her approach focuses on letting go of past trauma and negative programming, helping you reach a place where these no longer control how you live and feel; all of which is done in a way which feels approachable and non-intimidating, albeit different to what you may be used to.

For anyone uncertain, I would urge you to arrange a call with Sue – the moment I spoke to her, I knew I wanted to work together and had complete trust that she understood me, my needs, and would support me in getting to where I wanted to be. I can say with confidence that my instinct was right, and I am sure sessions for anyone else who decides to work with Sue will be just as transformational. It is truly the best investment I have ever made in myself.

I will forever be grateful for finding Sue and for the incredible support and guidance she has given to me.