”  I still feel really calm inside.No over eating.”

Just wanted to drop you line & say thank you for yesterday. 
Loads of the things that we talked about made perfect sense.
I still feel really calm inside & my mum even commented today on how much calmer I appear.
I had the best night sleep in a very, very long time last night!!
No wine (or should I say doughnuts!!) either last night or tonight & not because I have been resisting, I genuinely haven’t wanted it!!
No over eating.  In fact my husband is the cook in the house & he is working on his laptop in the living room at the mo.  Normally when this happens I would be drinking my wine & ordering a take away…tonight I am in the kitchen cooking dinner!!!
Thank you sooo much.  I know that i have an awfully long way to go but I feel as though things could change after all.
KB 2013

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