“I over come hundreds of limiting beliefs and personal challenges”

I have been working with Sue for the past seven years. Sue is my miracle worker not only have I over come hundreds of limiting beliefs and personal challenges. Sue has helped me grow in self confidence, self esteem, self worth, self belief and to love myself. To build goals, believe in myself have vision and dreams and more importantly achieve them.
My biggest achievement since working with Sue is learning to believe in myself and knowing I will always be there for me and to trust in myself. I now know my mental health is as important as my physical health. I highly recommended Sue to everyone I know.
Sue’s meditation class is amazing it allows me to give myself an hour a week to switch off and work on me. It is truly amazing.
I started yoga classes with Sue over two months ago having never done yoga before Sue put my nerves at easy and I really feel the benefits of yoga in my body and my well being very quickly.
LW 12/03/2021

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