“…I had a breakdown early in 2021…

“Summarising all that Sue has done for me in a short space of time is super tough. I had a breakdown early in 2021, which I was in self denial about for a very long time. After some convincing from family, I wrote to Sue in October and told her all that had happened this year and how I was feeling, and received a response and an appointment very quickly. Sue wasted no time and hit the nail straight on the head, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I felt the difference immediately. After a couple of sessions, I totally regained my energy and high drive for life… And my family and I definitely believe I have returned to my former self, if not an even more lively version!

Sue also deserves credit in the fact that she explains all that she does, leaving no secrets in what she is doing during the session and is more than happy to share further resources for yourself to look up if you’re interested. I certainly am one to enjoy learning, and Sue opened my eyes to a lot during and after our sessions.
I cannot recommend Sue enough, there is no amount of praise or thanks that will ever repay her for what she has done for me.”

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