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I wrote Super Charge Your Confidence for you if you tend to feel shy, lack confidence or are just generally playing yourself small in life.  It’s perfect for you if you’re going through a bad time such as a bereavement, relationship problems, job loss, trying to get promotion, or any other life events that are challenging.

Start listening to the download straightaway and then if you really want to feel better, at least once a day. (You can listen on earphones as you drift off to sleep). You’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel super confident and self-assured, most people notice fantastic results in the way that think and feel within a couple of days. Read through the book and revisit it at least once a month to refresh your mind and remind you of your self-worth.

If you find find your mind wandering whilst you listen, don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. The powerful suggestions are all  going into your subconscious mind. This is how hypnosis works. It’s the quickest way to feeling better about yourself.  As the program is being registered in the back of your mind, the positive suggestions build up in strength and you automatically feel good about yourself.

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