Healing Now Hypnosis Program


Designed to promote the innate wisdom and healing ability, present within each and every-one of us.

Experience a profound state of relaxation and promote a better sense of wellbeing

Feel more optimistic and more in control.

Develop a better connection to your inner wisdom.

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The Healing Now program is designed to promote the innate wisdom and healing ability, present within each and every-one of us.

Ancient and modern therapies recognise that we have a life flow. That life flow or energy can get trapped in the body. When that happens there is a build-up of energy that can create blockages and stagnation.

Body fluids become sluggish and we feel lethargic and ‘under the weather’ finding it harder and harder to function naturally. For many, the body can feel stiff and heavy, bones ache and joints can crystallise, restricting normal movement. Everyday activity becomes more and more challenging.

Having suffered pain and illness in the past, I have spent over 30 years exploring natural healing techniques. I trained as a Reiki Master in the Usui method, spent 4 years qualifying as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and have investigated Pranic Healing, H’oppono oppono, Shiatsu, Qi Qong and hypnotherapy to name but a few.

In an effort to bring peace and happiness to others and myself. I have brought that knowledge together to create Healing Now.

I am not suggesting that we can always be pain free, indeed all the while we are embodied we are likely to ‘feel’ and may have to live with certain limitations, illnesses and handicaps. It is my experience however that by training ourselves to relax and open up to the possibility of healing, we can go some way to feeling much healthier and comfortable in our self.

This program was made with reiki and it is my deepest and most sincere wish that it brings some relief, peace and healing into your body and your world.


  • Experience a profound state of relaxation.
  • Feel more optimistic and in control.
  • Develop a better connection to your inner wisdom.
  • Promote a better sense of wellbeing.

Is it safe for everyone to listen to?

No! This program is NOT suitable for you if you have ever been diagnosed with depression or any other mental illness.

DO NOT LISTEN if you are on medication for any psychological disorder.

If in doubt, I would urge you to err on the side of caution and check with your GP please. This is for your best interests. I would also ask that you do not listen to this program if you are under the age of 16.

How To Use

DON’T listen to this whilst driving or operating any machinery, that would be highly dangerous.

DO Find a time when you will not be disturbed and settle into a comfortable position. Bedtime is an ideal time. For best results use earphones and lay down. You can sit in a comfy chair but make sure your head is supported.

I want to stress that your mind WILL wander and that’s absolutely OK. It’s part of the hypnotic process. You do not have to be listening intently. In fact, if you drift off into what feels like a deep sleep that’s also good. It’s just your own way of relaxing.

About this Version

This program is in MP3 version and will play on most devices.


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