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Susan D SmithHi I’m Sue,

I work as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist,  Life Coach and trainer, specialising in Stress Management. I’ve also taught hatha yoga for the past twenty-three years.

I have over twenty-eight years of experience in helping people overcome addictions, combat stress, develop more self-confidence and discover their inner peace. I have a particular passion for emotional growth work, which includes anger management, anxiety and dumping what I call FAGS excessive Fear, Anger Guilt and Shame.

My site offers mind hacks,information and support programs to help you move toward a better sense of wellbeing. This includes addressing anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, work, performance issues, relationships and anything else that stresses you out!

In the shop here you’ll find free tips and downloads for coping with stress, sleep issues and a range of other problems that people commonly struggle with.  I have created and developed  a range of support audio downloads, including an online course for weight loss  to help you feel better in most areas of your life. Keep an eye on the shop, as I’m writing some really exciting courses and pop in to the Audio section.

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In addition to my professional experience, I have been on the other side of this and in the past suffered from anxiety, depression and IBS (only it wasn’t called that when I was younger!) I also had a series of illnesses that were directly related to stress including a collapsed lung three times! I have through my own journey recovered from all of these and am probably healthier now than I’ve ever been. I’m really happy to share the tools for change that made my life happier and healthier.

Associates Of The Stresshacker

Sarah HanksSarah Hanks is described as a yoga great teacher with a thoughtful approach, which is both innovative and grounded in traditional practice. She has over a decade of full time teaching experience and a loyal following of students. Sarah believes that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or flexibility. She is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher with specialist training in pregnancy, post-natal family yoga, pelvic floor recovery and yoga nidra (a practice of deep relaxation and ultimately meditation). Her own practice is the basis of her teaching. For Sarah, yoga IS the real deal. She says ‘you will not regret making yoga part of your life. Yoga can become a gracious companion and offers you the tools to live a more authentic and contented life’. Find out more at:


Jules PeckI work closely with Jules Peck from JP Peoplesolutions we provide bespoke quality training and development for Management and teams.

Between us we have worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, AT&T, Nestle, Churchill Insurance, and the British Foreign office to name just a few.



Adrian PruebaAs one of the UK’s leading – and longest-serving – psychotherapists I am co-author with Sue Smith of the popular self-help book I Just Want To Be Happy. I have been in practice for 32 years, and work with both individuals and couples in Aylsham, Norfolk. I have appeared on Meridian TV in discussions on psychotherapy and have been interviewed by Anglia TV on the topic ‘Can Money Make You Happy?’ I have presented numerous workshops on all aspects of self-development and In 1990 I was the first person to gain a British degree in hypnotherapy, which led the way towards its wider acceptance as a positive tool for change.




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It is important that you seek the advice of your Doctor or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your health, diet, fitness regime or intended health programme.

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    Can you help very old people? I am almost 70 and I am and always have been a total mess.


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