Do You Really Have To ‘Cope’ With Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

Many years ago Petra came to see me to learn to ‘cope’ with her fear of flying and  panic attacks. When I asked why now, she told me she’d recently been on a plane journey back to England where she thought she was dying!

So certain were cabin crew that she’d suffered a heart attack, that an ambulance was waiting at the airport to take her to hospital.

Petra told me she was discharged later that day and the Dr’s were extremely angry that it was just a panic attack and not a heart-attack!  They felt their time had been wasted.  She said she felt embarrassed and knew that it was time to do something about the anxiety that had been steadily getting worse.P1020193

That’s an example of how powerful anxiety can be. Anyone can suffer from anxiety for all kinds of reasons and at any stage of life.

In my experience there is no, one underlying reason and therefore no, one specific cure that fits all.

What I will say with total confidence is that panic and anxiety tend to be feelings, emotions, rather than thoughts and those feelings invariably live in the body not the mind. [Continue reading]