Your Free Relaxation Response Program – Download now!

Relaxation Audio FreeWe all know that there are times when stress and tension unconsciously build up. Often, we are completely unaware of it until it presents itself somewhere in the body as an ache or pain.

The more body conscious we are, the quicker we can nip disease and illness in the bud. A regular relaxation technique is a really good thing to master. I would like to help you with that!

A couple of weeks back I wrote a long step-by-step guide so you can record your own relaxation audio tape. I included a free script for you to download so you can record it onto your phone or other recording device.

At the time, I promised I would record and post the autogenic relaxation response for you to save you having to create your own.

And here it is! (If you’re reading this on email, click here to listen)



Autogenic Relaxation Response (right click and “save as”)

I hope you enjoy some rewarding ‘time out’ with this recording. Please feel free to give any feedback.

Just a cautionary note,  when we reach the suggestion “My abdomen is warm and calm”  If you have serious abdominal problems, bleeding ulcers, diabetes, or are in the last trimester of pregnancy, please change the phrase to: “I am calm and relaxed. I am calm and relaxed. I am calm and relaxed.”

x Sue

NB. If you want to listen on your phone, download to your computer and transfer it across. 

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