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A simple thought hack: create an analeptic circle to remove negative thoughts

Analeptic cycle
Do you know what an analeptic cycle is? I bet you know what a vicious cycle is!

Do you ever doubt yourself? Wonder if you’re quite good enough as a mother, daughter, son, friend, employee, employer or in any of the other roles we take up in life? Do you ever hear that little nagging voice in the back of the mind, or wake up to a stream of negative thoughts?

Welcome to life!

It’s totally normal to feel like this – most people do at some time or another.  But did you know that there are things that you can do to quieten the negative chatter, to silence the inner critic?

Here’s one technique for stopping that inner critic

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Do you compulsively repeat patterns over and over? Here’s how to change

Do you constantly repeat the same patterns

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we often recreate scenarios around us that are familiar. We do this in an effort to feel safe and comfortable. A while back a client came to see me. The client - let's call him "Pete" - couldn't understand why … [Continue reading]

Why am I so judgemental? Your judgements may hide a deeper meaning

Pointing Finger of Judgement

When Louisa was younger she used to love people watching with her sister when they were in the car. They would take it in turns to pick out a stranger who they would criticise for something, each trying to out-do the other for insults. But as she … [Continue reading]

Why owning all the stupid things I’ve done has made me happier

The power of surrender

One of the most liberating moments in my life was when I stopped hiding from myself. A few weeks back I talked about emotional immaturity in adults. I discussed how emotionally immaturity can be a sign that while someone has grown up physically, … [Continue reading]

How do you learn to like yourself?

Better Self Esteem

Do you have good self-esteem? And what does good self-esteem really *mean* anyway? I suppose the best way to describe someone with good self-esteem is that they are comfortable with themselves. Are you comfortable in your own skin? What would it … [Continue reading]

Need to get away? Join me on a stress-busting yoga retreat in Sussex

Florence House Flyer 2015

Would you like to experience a weekend of yoga bliss?  During the weekend you will stretch, relax deeply, learn new fascinating tips for de-stressing, enjoy the breath taking scenery of the Sussex Downs, eat scrumptious, freshly prepared (and often … [Continue reading]

Why do I revert to childish behaviour?

People Trafficking

Have you ever been around someone seemingly bright and knowledgeable only to notice them behave badly in a childish manner? Chances are something has stopped them growing up emotionally... Emotional Growth Collectively we still fail to understand … [Continue reading]

Why are you so angry? The answer might surprise you…

  Did you know that anger can be an indicator of bereavement and grief? That is, you are experiencing some sort of loss. That could be loss of someone close to you, as in death or divorce, or even the loss involved when moving home or a job … [Continue reading]

What can you do if you’re tired of work?

(cc) tk-link

Last week we talked about the 11 signs that you're working too hard. If you recognised yourself in those signs that you're over-doing it, we've put together some tips to help you slow your life down again. Twelve things you can do for a calmer, … [Continue reading]

Are You Working Too Hard? Here are 11 signs…

Signs you're working too hard

Twee as it may sound, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is a truism. Below are 11 signs that you may be overdoing it on the work front.These indicators that you are no longer coping with this aspect of your life can be a gateway to a … [Continue reading]